About our


Since 1983 producing and selling cookies/biscuits, Confeitaria Carlos Gonçalves maintains "the sweet taste of tradition" and the refinement of its products through recipes prepared from carefully selected raw materials according to high quality standards, complying scrupulously with the assumptions of the IFS FOOD, of which is certified.

Combining the progress and innovation of the tradicional way of making the best biscuits, Confeitaria Carlos Gonçalves is present in all the Large Distribution network with our brand or with customer's brand. Equally and through the creation of management and intervention capabilities, opened the doors to the export activity, being currently present in about 10 countries.

The success this far achieved strengthens the will to continue grow, to develop new projects and to face new challenges, with a view to innovation and diversify of flavours and products, keeping the commitment of offering our clients and customers the excellence of flavor for which Confeitaria Carlos Gonçalves bsaed itself.

We are currently present in about 10 countries